Laravel 5 : SSL routes behind a load balancer

I just recently ran into an interesting problem when working on a Laravel website tucked away behing a loadbalancer on an Apache webserver. Though the website was using ssl, every url generated by Laravel had http:// as protocol instead of https://. Apparently the $_SERVER variables indicate it’s not ssl, except for $_SERVER[‘HTTP_X_FORWARDED_PROTO’] which is not used by Laravel to detect wether ssl is on or not.

I was looking for a proper way to solve this issue because multiple classes and functions generate urls, like for example the helper functions ‘route’ and ‘url_to’ but als the Form-class with Form::open(). So overriding all these classes and functions was not a very smooth nor adequate solution.

I did some digging to figure out how to solve this problem and this is what I came up with :

The ssl detection is handled by \Illuminate\Http\Request::isSecure. The trick is to override this method and have Laravel use this override.

First create a custom Request class that extends this class:

I found the code in this method on I just added two lines and there wasn’t any real reason to change any of it.

Now have Laravel use this class instead of  \Illuminate\Http\Request:

In /public/index.php comment out the following line:

Now replace that line with the following:

Your code will now look like this:

Of course you can replace the \Custom\Http namespace with your own namespace.

I would have prefered having Laravel use an Alias instead of solving it this way but because it’s not a very dramatic code change I was quite happy settling for this solution. I’m also not sure using an alias is actually possible as Illuminate\Http\Request is implicitly called in index.php.

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