Concrete 5.7 : Creating a single page for the frontend

In this post I would like to show you how to create a single page in your package for the frontend of a Concrete 5.7 website. In this tutorial we will call that package ‘YourPackage’ but of course that should be whatever your package is called.

Let’s say you want to create a single page where visitors can sign up for a newsletter. A single page is composed of a template and a controller (The controller is optional).

We will call our controller ‘SubscribeTo’. Following C5’s naming conventions this implies that :

    • The filename of the template will be called ‘subscribe_to.php’.
    • The filename of the controller will be called ‘subscribe_to.php’.

Your directory structure will look like this:

For the controller :


For the template :


And this is what your controller file will look like:

Now let’s say you want to install the single page when your package get’s installed. We will add a method to the package controller in order to do so. (The package controller is  :  /packages/your_package/controller.php).

Now the single page gets installed when you install your package. In this example I added the method ‘addSinglePage’ to the package controller but if you want to follow programming conventions it is better to create a separate class with this method (like a service/util). This way you delegate the logic. That makes it easier to refactor and you can call the method from other packages or code you create.


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